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Schools in Switzerland Accepts Tuition Fees In Bitcoin

You can Now Pay Your Tuition Fees in Schools of Switzerland Using Bitcoin As the Blockchain technology is getting more mainstream and accepted by a larger part of the global investor community, it has started to find some serious use-case applications as a potential payments option. Due to the decentralized nature

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Legal Framework for Blockchain Crypto Property in Swiss Crypto Valley

Swiss Crypto Valley Association Designs a Legal Framework for ‘Blockchain Crypto Property’  After a major crackdown on ICO by the Swiss financial regulatory body FINMA, the Swiss Crypto Valley Association is advocating to adopt a legal framework for tokenised assets. The Crypto Valley Association has a number of popular Blockchain and

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A Swiss Bank To Sell Cryptocurrencies Like Litecoin, Ethereum And Bitcoin Cash

Swiss Bank Creates History By Being The Cryptocurrency Integrating Frontrunner Falcon Private Bank of Switzerland launched a digital asset management service earlier this summer with the goal of including new forms of cryptocurrencies into its operations. The Swiss Bank had earlier announced its plans of partnering with Bitcoin Suisse, a brokerage

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