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Russia All Set To Challenge China In Bitcoin Mining Sector

Russia to Enter in Bitcoin Mining A Russian company having one of President Vladimir Putin’s internet adviser as its co-owner is planning to raise approximately $100 million worth cryptocurrency to establish a solid footing of the Russians in the digital currency frontier filled with Chinese Bitcoin miners. The Russian Miner Coin is

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Protect your investors, says US SEC official to companies issuing tokens via ICO

“You still have fiduciary duties to your investors”, US SEC official to startups issuing tokens via ICO A new way of raising funds have been introduced in the market, thanks to Blockchain. Companies and startups working in Blockchain sector are raising funds by issuing tokens via Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Gone are

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Review of Bitcoin ETF by SEC

Reconsideration Of Bitcoin ETF by SEC

SEC to re-examine Winklevoss’Twins  Bitcoin ETF proposal On March 11, the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) denied and rejected the application for approval of Bitcoin ETF. The application was filed by Winklevoss Twins and was rejected for the second time. (click here to read full article) But now, the application is

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US SEC rejects another Bitcoin ETF application

US SEC rejected SolidX BItcoin ETF approval appliacaton United States Securities Exchange Commission rejected another Bitcoin ETF proposal application filed by SolidX. Earlier this month the US SEC also rejected a similar Bitcoin ETF application filed by the Winklevoss twins. (click here to read the full article) It is a second Bitcoin ETF application

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