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Moscow To Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency ‘MoscowCoin’

Off lately, Russia’s plans pertaining to move forward with virtual digital currencies or cryptocurrencies have been quite whimsical and there is no clear plan of action. As Russia is already preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency “CryptoRuble” , the national capital of Russia is discussing plans to have its separate cryptocurrency,

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Russian Business Chamber Urges Government To Approve Only Domestic Cryptocurrency

Russian Bussiness Association Nods In Favour Of CryptoRuble Just when Russian president Vladimir Putin expressed his formidable support towards issuance of the country's own centralized indigenous cryptocurrency popularised by the name of CryptoRuble, comes another bigshot public association falling under the Russian periphery who have been quite vocal about their pro domestic cryptocurrency legislation. For

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Russia To Launch It’s Own Cryptocurrency – “CryptoRuble”

Russia All Set To Barge Upon Privacy With The Centrally Controlled CryptoRuble Olga Skorobogatova, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia exclaimed in June this year that, “regulators of all countries have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to do a national virtual currency.”The Deputy Governor also

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Russia Still Confused On Cryptocurrency Regulation, President Putin Favours Cryptocurrencies

Russia Is Too Much Whimsical With Its Future Plans for Cryptocurrencies While several independent nations have started taking their own stand on cryptocurrencies and are laying out their own guidelines and regulations, Russia seems to be still undecided on how it wants to proceed ahead with the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies

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Russia All Set To Challenge China In Bitcoin Mining Sector

Russia to Enter in Bitcoin Mining A Russian company having one of President Vladimir Putin’s internet adviser as its co-owner is planning to raise approximately $100 million worth cryptocurrency to establish a solid footing of the Russians in the digital currency frontier filled with Chinese Bitcoin miners. The Russian Miner Coin is

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