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Real Estate Markets in US Accepting Bitcoin As Payments

Such is the magnanimous presence of Bitcoin, that every single sector is wrapping themselves under its digital blanket. After making waves in restaurant and retail sector now it’s time for Bitcoin to make itself heard in the real estate segment. Starting from single family owned houses in Texas to Manhattan

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Latest Bitcoin news in India | Latest Bitcoin updates in India | Where to spend Bitcoins | Bitcoin accepted here | Pick n pay accepts Bitcoin as payments

The Pick And Pay Retail Stores In CapeTown Are Accepting Bitcoins as Payments

Pick and Pay accepts Bitcoin Past few days have not been so great for the cryptocurrency market as investors are gripped with a bit of worry and fear. The cryptocurrency markets witnessed a major correction owing to two main reasons: first is the negative statement by Wall Street’s one of the

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where to spend bitcoins

European retailer starts accepting Bitcoins in form of payments

European retailer Alza to accept Bitcoins in payment, also considering altcoins. Major European retailer giant, Alza has started accepting Bitcoins in form of payments. Alza has also installed Bitcoin ATMs in its outlets in Prague and Bratislava. Alza is facilitating Bitcoin payments online throughout its international empire, which also includes Austria, Germany and

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