Telegram Launches A New Programming Language For TON Network

Telegram, Privacy-focused encrypted instant messaging service creates a new programming language for its Telegram Open Network (TON) as per a post on the project’s Telegram channel published on May 23.

Dubbed as Fift, the new language is specifically designed for developing and managing TON blockchain smart contracts and to interact with the TON Virtual Machine (TVM).

The TVM will execute smart contract code in the TON blockchain that in turn will support all operations required to parse incoming messages and persistent data, further to create new messages and modify persistent data. The post provides a brief overview of Fift including the basics about the language and TON-specific operations.

A recent report suggested that Telegram plans to launch TON in the third quarter of 2019. Purportedly, the TON network will supposedly host decentralized applications, similar to the Ethereum network. Telegram boasts over 200 million users and has already managed to raise $1.7 billion in two initial coin offerings last year. Moreover, as per Qiwi’s Calculation that the Telegram’s Token, Gram is worth 29.5 billion USD.

TON blockchain launched a private beta testing for a limited number of global developers in April. While they did not provide any specific outcomes, two anonymous testers revealed that the TON Blockchain demonstrated an “extremely high transaction speed.”

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Image Source – Ton Twitter


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