Bitcoin, Ethereum still at top. Golem gains one position

We saw the rising of cryptocurrenices in this week. Bitcoin, still being the number one crypto currency made a new all -time high.  It Crossed the $1500 mark and is expected to touch $2000 levels soon.

Ethereum on the other hand also made a new all -time high this week and is still rising. It already crossed $90 mark and will soon cross $100. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are on rising trend. will report Top Ten Cryptocurrencies, based on Market Capitalization on every Sunday.

This report is second report and the first top ten crypto currencies report was published last week on 30 April 2017. Click here to read the report.

This week we witnessed gains in almost every cryptocurrency in the list when compared to the previous report. In terms of top ten rankings, we did not have any change except Golem which moved a position upwards from 10 to 9 pulling down Augur.

The market capitalization increased for all crypto currencies. A significant rise was witnessed in the case of Litecoin and Ripple.
Also the prices of Litcoin and Ripple doubled. Litecoin was $15.85 last week and is now priced at $30.62
Similarly Ripple was trading at $0.051992 last week and is now $0.104443



Name of


Market Capitalization* Price Supply (in circulation)
1  Bitcoin $25,708,181,363 $1575.71 16,315,300 BTC
2  Ethereum $8,745,893,755 $95.70 91,385,785 ETH
3  Ripple $3,964,194,561 $0.104443 37,955,579,225 XRP
4  Litecoin $1,560,987,836 $30.62 50,985,182 LTC
5  Dash $723,252,955 $99.33 7,281,263 DASH
6  Ethereum Classic $656,087,708 $7.18 91,385,773 ETC
7  NEM $651,493,800 $0.072388 8,999,999,999 XEM
8  Monero $423,966,415 $29.40 14,419,302 XMR
9  Golem $205,080,360 $0.250098 820,000,000 GNT
10  Augur $196,484,200 $17.86 11,000,000 REP


*Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price with the existing supply.

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