Where to Spend Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin is no longer shelved, some of the largest companies in the world are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a means of payment.

 It seems far away the time when the Bitcoin was perceived as an obscure currency only used on the darknet. The growth of digital currencies as active, but also the technologies at their bases have attracted the interest of many avant-garde companies like Microsoft, Overstock.com, DISH Network, Intuit, and even PayPal.


 This prestigious company, pioneer of the new technologies quickly invested and integrated the Bitcoin. Microsoft users and by extension of Xbox, can buy online content with Bitcoins on Windows and Xbox Store. Microsoft has joined Bitcoin since December 2014, when it was still very misunderstood by the general public.

Perhaps most important is the fact that Microsoft uses Blockchain for large-scale activities to facilitate the implementation of their financial data. All this with the launch of Azure, a platform of services on Blockchain technology

Finally, it was announced that the next version of Excel will integrate the Bitcoin among its currencies, so it will be possible for users to simply use digital currency in their tables.


 As one of the largest online payment platforms, it seems logical that PayPal is interested in Bitcoin which could be a direct competitor to their services.

 In September 2014, PayPal announced that it would accept the Bitcoin, but only through integration with their mobile payment platform, Braintee. This platform allows merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin. It is connected to Coinbase, BitPay and GoCoin.


One of the biggest online retailers that was one of the first major companies to get into the water with the Bitcoin. It has been accepting Bitcoin since January 2014 through a partnership with Coinbase.

 The company also said it has kept a relatively large number of Bitcoin since 2014 and given the upward movements on the Bitcoin since then, this should represent a nice added value.


 Known mainly as the software giant behind QuickBooks, a software to prepare its tax returns in the US. It has integrated Bitcoin payments into its programs with great success for cross-border customers in 2014 following a partnership with BitPay.

DISH Network

 In May 2014, following the request of many customers, DISH called on Coinbase to integrate Bitcoin as a means of payment for its satellite television services.

Not only the above companies accepts Bitcoin, but also lot more of them such as WordPress, Dell, Subway,etc.

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Several articles were posted earlier mentioning the increase in acceptance of Bitcoins across the world.

Legalizing of Bitcoin in Japan was the major driver this year for increasing Bitcoin popularity. After getting recognised as an official mode of payment, merchants in Japan started accepting Bitcoins in form of payment

Another interesting news came in recently where ALZA, the European Online Retailer added Tesla car in it’s selling list. Alza sells Tesla Car for Fifity Bitcoins.

Even schools in US has now started accepting Bitcoins. The schools have created a merchant account in Coin Base to accept Bitcoins as their tuition fees.

Some of the branches of eating giant Subway in European countries are also accepting Bitcoins.

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