List of Top Ten Cryptocurrencies as on 25 June 2017

So here we are with another list of Top ten Altcoins as on today’s date. But before getting on to the the list, here are some major happening in crypto world for this week:

Ethereum Network Clogged, prices dropped to $0.10

Yes you got it right. It is not a joke. Ethereum crashed to $0.10 on 21 June on an GDAX Exchange. The exchange believes it is due to a Multi-Million Dollar trade.

While it it was $0.10 a user had previous bidded for 3800 Ethereum at $0.10. He bought 3800 Ethereum at $380!!!!

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CIVIC ICO launched

One of the most hyped ICO CIVIC, sucsessfully ended. The ICO could end on single day but due to clogging of Ethereum network, it had to stop the ICO and resumed it on next day. It closed with in 2 hours on that day.

(Read full about Civic)

Bitcoin,Ethereum along with other altcoins fell on Saturday, 24 June 2017.

->Bitcoin fell even below $2500. It made it’s intra-day low at  $2431 on Poloniex.

->Similar was the case for Ethereum. It made it’s intra-day low at $284 on Poloniex.

->Other major Altcoins also bathed in red.

Numeraire (NMR) was a major exception.

Numeriare or NMR was one of few altcoins which made some serious gains. On Saturday 24 June at 12 AM (IST), Numeraire was $90. On Sunday 25 June, it rosed to $143 making a huge $50 gain. It gained 83% in a single day.

->NMR is listed on Bittrex and Cryptoderivatives.

->It can be traded against Bitcoin and Ethereum on Bittrex. On Cryptoderivatves it can be exchanged with Ethereum.

Author at researches for profitable Altcoins on regular basis. Though the cryptocurrency market was declining on 24 June, NMR still fetched some serious profits.

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List of Top Ten Altcoins publishes a list of Top ten Altcoins on every Sunday. This is our Ninth report and previous one was published on 18 June 2017.

S. NO Name Market Capitalization* Price


Circulating Supply  
1  Bitcoin $43,030,464,576 $2622.20 16,410,062 BTC  
2  Ethereum $30,520,051,415 $328.98 92,772,035 ETH  
3  Ripple $11,832,574,907 $0.309014 38,291,387,790 XRP  
4  Litecoin $2,337,281,714 $45.20 51,705,082 LTC  
5  Ethereum Classic $1,858,813,926 $20.00 92,932,797 ETC  
6  NEM $1,674,891,000 $0.186099 8,999,999,999 XEM  
7  IOTA $1,423,355,765 $0.512085 2,779,530,283 MIOTA  
8  Dash $1,342,731,198 $181.86 7,383,161 DASH  
9  BitShares $813,530,909 $0.313340 2,596,320,000 BTS  
10  Stratis $740,954,039 $7.53 98,437,920 STRAT  


Source= Coinmarketcap

*Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price with the supply of coins in ciruclation.

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