Top Ten Cryptocurrencies as on 13 August 2017

Major reshuffling witnessed in the list of Top Ten Cryptocurrencies this week as compared to our last report.

Bitcoin prices skyrocketing caused a huge bloodbath in the cryptocurrencies market. Although there were some of the cryptocurrencies which are still on rising trend and are in green.

Bitcoin Cash, a new cryptocurrency created due to the splitting of Bitcoins is also in the list of top ten cryptocurrencies. As Bitcoin splitted on August 1 2017, the new cryptocurrency Bitcoin cash was sitting at number 3 posotion.

As Bitcoin Cash was facing rejections and was being dumped by, it slipped a posotion and is at number 4 in this week’s top ten cryptocurrency list.

NEO, a new rebranded version of Antshares gained significantly this week. Rising from $8 to currently around $40, NEW showed a tremendous growth. The major price surge was experienced after Antshares getting rebranded to NEO.

IOTA, also kept increasing when all other cryptocurrencies were red-blooded. It rose from $0.28 to currently at $0.76 at press time. publishes a report of Top Ten Cryptocurrencies on Sunday along with some major events happening in the cryptocurrency market during the week.

Here is a list of Top Ten Cryptocurrencies as on 13 August 2017





Market Capitalization* Price

(In US$)


(in Ciruclation)

1  Bitcoin $63,670,817,059 $3857.80 16,504,437 BTC
2  Ethereum $27,206,988,369 $289.53 93,968,523 ETH
3  Ripple $6,410,337,316 $0.167142 38,352,642,160 XRP
4  Bitcoin Cash $5,028,271,505 $304.93 16,489,813 BCH
5  Litecoin $2,435,219,352 $46.44 52,441,132 LTC
6  NEM $2,431,161,000 $0.270129 8,999,999,999 XEM
7  IOTA $2,118,407,887 $0.762146 2,779,530,283 MIOTA
8  NEO $2,088,860,000 $41.78 50,000,000 NEO
9  Dash $1,507,581,748 $201.30 7,489,340 DASH
10  Ethereum Classic $1,349,330,133 $14.28 94,490,244 ETC


Source =

*Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price with the supply of coins in circuclation.

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