Bitcoin and Ethereum rises, Waves out, BitShares enters the list of  Top ten cryptocurrencies

Here is a list of Top Ten cryptocurrencies as on 11 June 2017.

Another great week for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin prices rised again and made a new all time high at $2933 on 7 June. 

Although in Indian Markets, Bitcoin prices were around INR 2,00,000 for the whole week. INR 2,25,000 was the highest in May.

While publishing this article, Bitcoin was priced at INR 2,00,656 in Indian Markets. Globally it was $2899.

Ethereum prices were also increasing for the whole week. At the time of publishing this article, Ethereum was around INR 23,000 in Indian markets and $347 globally.

Top ten Cryptocurrencies as on  11 June 2017 reports a list of Top ten cryptocurrencies on every sunday. This is our Seventh report and the last was published on 4 June.

While comparing to the previous report, no major changes were observed in terms of ranking of cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitshares, entered into the list and gained Eighth spot.
  • Startis was replaced by Bitshares, and slipped to Ninth posotion.
  • Similarly, Monero went down one posotion from Ninth to Tenth, kicking out Waves from the list of Top ten Cryptocurrencies.
S.No. Name Market Capitalizatoin* Price     


(in Circulation)

1  Bitcoin $47,347,798,932 $2889.79 16,384,512 BTC
2  Ethereum $31,854,801,500 $344.80 92,385,511 ETH
3  Ripple $10,235,328,406 $0.267057 38,326,381,283 XRP
4  NEM $1,908,144,000 $0.212016 8,999,999,999 XEM
5  Ethereum Classic $1,760,860,493 $19.04 92,489,941 ETC
6  Litecoin $1,571,184,775 $30.51 51,491,632 LTC
7  Dash $1,152,101,673 $156.63 7,355,562 DASH
8  BitShares $957,204,983 $0.367812 2,602,430,000 BTS
9  Stratis $844,130,591 $8.58 98,419,881 STRAT
10  Monero $777,796,931 $53.24 14,608,051 XMR  


Source =

*Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price with the existing supply.

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