Tron Acquires To Build A Decentralized Google Of Blockchain

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Blockchain - Tron Acquires To Build A Decentralized Google Of Blockchain

A great and a massive news came for Tron Enthusiasts with the Tweet of Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron. The Tweet announces Tron Foundation’s acquisition of the top-notch domain As per Sun, the platform would be established as a non-profit platform for data search, big data analysis, project evaluation and information search, among others within the blockchain. In simpler terms, the Google of Blockchain. – a decentralized Google

Parallel to the purchase of BitTorrent, this is another massive feather on Tron’s hat. The industry insiders believe that acquisition might turn out to be the biggest and most important buy, in terms of the domain name in the blockchain industry. Notably, the domain names with the suffix “org” are widely recognized in the industry.

Joining the dots, it seems that is all set to become a decentralized Google of the whole blockchain industry. will be a massive help

There are some obvious issues with the blockchain industry in terms of searching the net. For instance, traditional search engines don’t show complete information about the industry. Due to internet’s decentralized nature, a lot of pieces and quality of content of the industry are excluded, hidden or is replaced by ads.

This issues created a difficulty for users to find suitable projects or correct data. Moreover, various public chains have a complicated user experience, which piles on to the existing problems. On top of that, there is a major problem regarding acquiring industry data. In simpler terms, there is a lack of ease of access to Blockchain related date and might resolve that issue.

The industry insiders have been looking out for a way to make as many improvements as possible. Justin Sun states that this is his attempt:

“The success of the project should not be measured by its profit or its users base. What really matters is that if it makes an effort to improve the entire industry”.

Tron has been upholding the value of “decentralizing the internet” since day one, and the recent purchase of is just another robust proof of Tron’s unyielding commitment.

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