Tron Beats Top 100 Crypto Projects To Get Listed On Binance Info Gold Label Project 

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Cryptocurrency News

Tron | Tron NEWS | Tron Binance Gold Label Projects | Tron Cryptocurrency | TRX Cryptocurrency

TRON Gets Listed On Binance Gold Label Project

TRON NEWS: As Binance Info launched its Gold Label Project today, the top 100 crypto projects have been encouraged to apply to join the crypto news information platform. However, Tron is one of the first to get clearance by Binance Info and is now live on the platform.

The purpose of the Gold Label Project is to help ensure users obtain timely updates on crypto projects, as well as trustworthy, accurate, and comprehensive information.

The Binance Info Gold Label project is aimed at providing accurate and relevant information for users and investors of tokens to enable them make decisions based on available fact not the lack of them. Part of the official announcement of the project’s launch on Medium read:

“The blockchain industry is in its infancy, with many projects rapidly developing. However, we still see some polarization between good and bad projects, as well as issues in transparency. For example, more than one-fifth of all tokens have daily trading volumes volume below US$100, yet many projects simply never disclose this information.”

Binance Info does not only provide accurate information on crypto projects but also encourages users to  contribute in updating information about projects by editing missing or incorrect project information, contributing news sources, once they create a project profile. Among other things, TRX users will now have access to information on the project’s team, Tron news and token distribution in due time.

Tron | Tron NEWS | Tron Binance Gold Label Projects | Tron Cryptocurrency | TRX Cryptocurrency

Tron has been at the forefront of developments in the cryptocurrency space. With its unwavering determination to decentralize the internet, Tron has become a leader in the creation of Dapps which started on the Ethereum blockchain. The CEO Justin Sun has always challenged Ethereum and is determined to overtake Ethereum in creation of Dapps and smart contracts on its blockchain.

The crypto company has always been cordial with Binance especially after Sun donated $3 million to the Binance Charity Foundation which aims to bring blockchain adoption to the masses and ensure it spreads widely around the globe. It is therefore no surprise that Tron has quickly gotten a spot in the Gold Label project.

Will the addition of Tron to the Gold Label project, like other events this year lead to an increase in TRX transaction volume as well as an increase in its price in the face of the current bear market?

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