4 Reasons Why TRON May Get Listed On Coinbase

by | May 15, 2018 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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TRON Cryptocurrency May Get Listed On Coinbase

One of the most famous altcoins of 2017 is making it’s come back. The coin TRX near the ending of 2017 earned many traders a healthy return on their investments. TRON (TRX) is preparing for the launch of its Mainnet at the end of May and the election of its Super Representatives in June. On the issue of the upcoming migration from ERC-20 status to its own network, the CEO has assured its community that everything will be done right and that there will be no issues.

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Not just this, users who would migrate from Ethereum to TRON’s mainnet have been promised to be rewarded. With so many things to look forward to, TRON getting listed on the Coinbase platform would be icing to the cake. TRX HODLers would be more interested and the altcoin could potentially pull in big crypto investors.

Coinbase is the largest Bitcoin exchange across the globe. Apart from Bitcoin, it also offers trading of cryptocurrencies such as:

  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Ethereum,
  • And Litecoin

Every cryptocurrency want’s to get listed on Coinbase giving it’s higher and fast-growing recognition across the globe. A lot of crypto traders and investors even uses the listing of Coinbase as a benchmark for evaluating the usability and sophistication the cryptocurrency.

Many speculated that Ripple would be also listed on Coinbase, but the Coinbase officials made it clear that they won’t do it anytime soon. The blockchain startup was even alleged of proposing bribe and tipping the US-based exchange firm.

Talking about TRON, there have been some rumors that Coinbase is likely to list Tron cryptocurrency to its trading platform soon. Apart from the mainnet release on 31 May 2018, TRON has more upcoming events that has the potential to disrupt the crypto world. Adding to it, if Coinbase lists Tron, it would be a huge achievement by TRON team which can send the price of TRON to the moon. Here are some of the reasons why I think TRON may get listed on Coinbase:

Coinbase Investor Having A Stake In TRON

Feng Li is one of the early investors in the crypto world. He played a crucial role in funding Ripple‘s start in 2013 (and has a seat on the board of directors) by investing $32.9 million. Feng Li, is also on of the very first investor to invest into Coinbase exchange.

Now, as per the ongoing rumours on Reddit and Twitter,it is being said that Mr. Li also is involved with Tron but it is not yet confirmed by any official sources.

Thus, it can be highly anticipated that Li’s influence could help Tron secure a listing on Coinbase. So if Justin Sun’s team have really been pushing for a coveted place on Coinbase, Li might just be Tron’s golden ticket into the big leagues.

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TRON Would Be Having Its Head Quarters Next To Coinbase

With TRON opening its office in shortly in San Fransico, which is also Coinbase’s headquarters, it is highly possible for the two offices to strengthen their ties and work together.

Coinbase Needs to Make Bigger Profits

The fees at Coinbase is relatively much more expensive in comparison to other platforms like Binance which is why people move their cryptocurrency bought on Coinbase to other profit effective platforms. This is how Coinbase loses its share of potential profits. However, this could be fixed if Coinbase diversifies its coin offering in order to still  remain a profitable business.

Coinbase is Preparing For High Trading Volumes

Coinbase has been making strides to upgrade their platform to handle more trading volume as well as more currencies. By adding a cheaper altcoin with high volume like Tron to its platform, the aim can be achieved, easy and quick.

Considering the above facts, I have a strong feeling that TRON cryptocurrency may soon get listed on Coinbase. But again, this is just a prediction and should not be treated as any official announcement or confirmed news.

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From Where To Buy Tron Cryptocurrency?

As of now, you can buy TRON cryptocurrency from the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Binance,
  • Bittrex,
  • Bithumb,
  • Upbit,
  • OkEx,
  • Huobi,
  • Gate.io, and many more

From Where To Buy TRON In India?

Indian crypto traders and investors can buy Tron Cryptocurrency in exchange of INR from:

  • Zebpay,
  • Koinex,
  • Bitbns, and
  • Coindelta

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