Tron Founder Justin Sun Appeals Ethereum (ETH) Developers To Migrate To Tron (TRX)

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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TRON News: Justin Sun, Tron Foundation’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tweeted a suggestion for developers on November 25, to migrate their token from Ethereum [ETH] to Tron [TRX]. To back his advice, Sun cited four points explaining why the migration in the bearish market is a wise decision.

Ethereum, the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency has already lost its second place to XRP as per market cap. In terms of price point, ETH is 91% from its peak, trading at  $113 with 24-hours gains of 7.35%, at the time of writing. Sun is milking the fall and inviting ETH developers on his platform.

Among the reasons stated by Sun, he points that the migration cost and transaction fee will be zero. He further lured developers by mentioning TRON’s transactions per second and that the token value will subsequently increase with high liquidity.

In a Tweet, just a day prior, on November 24, the Tron’s founder acknowledges the “blood bath”  and stated:

 “In today’s blood bath, we must remember that nothing has ever changed. #blockchain #bitcoin #DAPP is the future and #TRON will decentralize the Internet. Check out #TRON 6 month data, we haven’t seen such amazing increase before. Plz check after 2 years! #TRX $TRX”

Market’s reaction 

The straightforward approach by Sun has received mixed reactions from the market. While some approve, some doubt Tron’s ability in fulfilling their target successfully.

Reddit user Acidwyrm said:

“Tronix has never missed a single deadline, does 2000 tps, zero tx fees… it out performs ETH on every level in every way from a technical stand point. Adaptation is slow for all crypto. Nothing /s in his comment. Do a little research and see for yourself.”

On the other hand, Jkazoo, another Reddit user, said:

“Nothing is really unique about Tron, everything seems like a ripoff of something else. No other way that they could make the developments so fast and meet every deadline. It might succeed but still nothing that great about it. Seems centralized with all the super reps and rewards, price price price, money money, money. 100% increase in token value…..Trying to figure out what it is good for in the real world besides gambling.”

Meanwhile, this will not be the first attempt of Sun’s to invite developers on its platform, more often than not, he has had noted the troubles with Ethereum that are not present on the Tron Network.

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