A representative of the U.K. Ministry of Justice holds the view that implementing Blockchain Technology to government functioning can help verify and secure digital evidence. The technical architecture head of the Ministry, Alistair Davidson published a blog post on Thursday revealing a notable blockchain use case in relation to law enforcement. He underlined how can the government body make use of technology to create records from footage of officer worn camera. In spite of being hypothetical, Davidson’s blog contains clear indication of using Blockchain technology in public sector bodies such as the Justice Ministry. He exclaimed that such usage can be highly beneficial in court especially when the prosecution tries to prove the authenticity of any video using the ledger record.

Davidson wrote, “This property of distributing trust could be genuinely transformational in situations where public trust of government might not be taken for granted.”

He added that the ledger shall not store the video but would rather contain a hash of metadata and video’s data along with its location listing within government’s storage radar. Davidson wrote  that, “the Blockchain would be readable by anyone, anywhere – but only writable by the police,” in case the videos get uploaded to a cloud storage available for public use.

A technical overview published recently by the Ministry of Justice clearly states out that Blockchain Technology mechanism can address the verification issue of assets stored once they get listed although it is immutable. However one must take note of the fact that files are subject to modification before enlisting.

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