Now buy Bitcoins from Unocoin by paying via PayU Money

In a recent tweet by Unocoin, India’s leading bitcoin trading exchange, it announced that Unocoin is now accepting payment via PayU money to buy Bitcoins. PayU money is a payment gateway platform which facilitates online payment through internet banking.Funds from bank account can be transferred to PayU money’s online wallet through internet banking or through debit/credit card and then the required funds can be transferred from PayU money to Unocoin.

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Uptill now, to purchase Bitcoins from Unocoin, funds had to be deposited directly to Unocoin wallet.

But now, it looks like Unocoin is making easier for the bitcoin lovers in India to purchase bitcoin.

Unocoin is making advancement in bitcoin sector by collaborating with domestic companies in order to make it easier for the investors and to also gain trust and support from the bitcoin community. Earlier this month, Unocoin also announced its collaboration with, India’s leading online movies & events ticket booking platform.

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We hope Unocoin, India’s leading bitcoin exchange continues to woo its’s customers and bitcoin lovers by making more collaboration like these to make it convenient for the users.

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