The rise of DASH Cryptocurrency

DASH or Digital CASH as referred by the DASH makers, is gaining momentum and is on the rising trend. What used to be just a name in the list of crypto currencies is now being considered as the third most valuable crypto currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Major Crypto Currencies Exchange worldwide are now adding DASH to it’s trading list. In a recent news, US based Crypto Currency Exchange “KRAKEN” has added DASH to it’s exchange list. Usually DASH is purchased in exchange of Bitcoins, but KRAKEN has also introduced trading of DASH in fiat currencies as well.

DASH can be bought by KRAKEN either through BITCOIN, USD or EUR, which means 3 pairs are available. DASH/Bitcoin , DASH/USD, DASH/EUR.

Apart from KRKAKEN, Russian crypto currency exchange “MaRSe” also added DASH recently to it’s trading list. Also, Austrian based bitcoin exchange “BITPANDA” also recently added DASH to It’s exchange list.

As more and more exchanges are adding DASH, it is significantly gaining in terms of price as well as popularity. DASH is more fast than BItcoins when it comes to transfer of DASH. To read more about DASH,click here.

Those who missed the Bitcoin rally can look for ETHEREUM and DASH as these both have the highest market share in crypto currencies market respectively, after BITCOIN.

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