Space Exploration and Singularity – Virtual Reality makes it closer

by | Feb 13, 2018 | ICO, Press Release

SpaceBit and VRT World

Press release

Date: 13/02/2018

Spacebit is launching a ground-breaking way to fund international space projects, which makes space exploration available to the public, January 24, 2018 during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Spacebit is launching this community-led crowdfunding platform, under the guidance of team of astronauts, consultants,engineers and rocket scientists. The project will enable the public to vote on large scale space exploration projects.

At the event Spacebit announced partnership with VRT World to develop future Virtual Reality applications for space exploration, astronaut training and education.

Most of the future missions will be robotic probes and Virtual Reality(VR) would make exploration experience much more realistic and helpful. It will also play the role in training and education. For example Spacebit and VRT World are planning to work together to develop a realistic Soyuz Capsule landing experience that would help to inspire future astronauts.

Anatoly Artsebarsky, Co-Founder of Spacebit and commander of Soyuz TM-12 mission, who spent almost six month on orbit will be a chief scientific consultant for the project.

It was also noted by the companies that VR can help to engage people in a more realistic space exploration experience. Spacebit is planning to offer VR experience from their space missions to the supporters of the platform and general public. VRT World has plans to open virtual reality parks around the world. Both companies believe that the cooperation will create a breakthrough solution in the space industry and science.

Pavlo Tanasyuk, Founder of Spacebit commented:

“Space exploration is always about new processes. VR brings new possibilities to explore, learn and interact with the objects in safe environment. We plan to use VR at the engineering stage and for the actual missions. We all remember looking at the first Apollo 11 landing on a TV screen. But just imagine what effect that would have as a VR experience – You would be stepping on the Moon!”

Konstantin Negachev, Founder and CEO of VRT World commented:

“We are glad to announce cooperation with Spacebit. VRT World pays much attention and makes great efforts to the development of VR technology. We are looking forward to integration and application of VR in science and business sectors, such as healthcare, education, advertising and real estate over time. The space travel simulator, that we are currently working on, will prepare astronauts for what they may encounter and give them the opportunity to gain valuable working knowledge of their surroundings without serious investments.”

Pavlo, from Spacebit also added:

“As we are moving towards the dematerialisation of objects and potential singularity, space exploration can take forms that we have never imagined. While existing space exploration models may become obsolete, technologies like VR can bring a new wave of innovation to space exploration in the form that we can only dream about today. Virtual Reality is a very important technology for many industries and space exploration is definitely one of them.”

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