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Game developers who are willing to delve into the world of distributed ledger technology and to integrate the technology into their games, now have a marvelous opportunity at their doorstep. The Waves blockchain platform has recently invited game developers to develop games on the Waves network and as an incentive, the platform will create a fund of 1 million WAVES.

The developers will also have access to the in-depth advisory services provided by the Waves team. The team will also aid in furnishing the required document for the developers. Sasha Ivanov, the founder, and CEO of Waves states that the initiative is to introduce the developers with the versatility of the Waves blockchain and to promote its adoption among the gaming community.

Confident that blockchain technology will be pleasantly welcomed by the gaming sector, Sasha adds that the platform will reward developers, who deploy their project on the Waves network. Waves blockchain has till now released smart contracts and is working on the development of non-fungible tokens. These tokens will be monumental in the operation of blockchain-based games that have multiple in-game purchases.

The Waves Blockchain Platform

The platform is designed keeping the following consumer traits in mind:

  • Game developers who own blockchain-based titles and wishes to relocate to the Waves network.

  • Game developers with ongoing projects who are willing to integrate the functionalities of the Waves blockchain into their products.

  • Developers with game prototypes that are mulling over integrating distributed ledger technology.

  • Simple Token Creation – creating tokens on the Waves blockchain does not require knowledge of computer science or programming. It is a straightforward process.

  • Non-fungible tokens – Waves offers distinctive teens that can be easily tracked and transferred or traded.

  • Software development kit (SDK) – the Waves SDK is designed to streamline the process of integrating the Waves blockchain and tokens into games.

  • White-label exchange – the waves decentralized exchange platform offers a template that can be easily customized to suit the preferences of individual clients.

  • Mobile wallet and Browser plugin – in games where players are required to perform several transactions, Waves eases the prices by introducing secure single-click approval mechanisms. These tools are available on mobile and desktop platforms.

Blockchain technology can evolve the gaming industry into a more interactive zone. Since most gamers are already familiar with digital currencies and their value, they will be willing to play games that offer them as incentives. While tokenization itself will bring good profits via in-game purchases, the developers could also sell digital items on a secure blockchain-driven marketplace.

The decentralized feature of blockchain will bring transparency and aid in eradicating the $60 million black market hampering the growth of the gaming sector. While a small bridge, but the tokenization will in fact bridge the gap between physical and digital assets as every item becomes distinctive and its provenance can be easily traced.

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