WeatherBlock : Weather Forecasting Using Blockchain, IoT and AI

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Weather Forecasting Through The Eyes Of WeatherBlock Using Blockchain Technology, AI and IoT

Will it rain today? Will it be windy? This question has always been answered with the scope of error, probability and predictability. After all, it is an act of God. You never know for sure what could happen when. Earlier people used to guess, now people just check their phones and trust them to provide close to accurate data. This is perfectly fine for personal purposes but for companies and businesses who are hinged on accurate weather forecast, this can present a problem. That is where Weather Block comes into the picture.

Weather data is collected through observations of temperature, wind speed, humidity and atmospheric pressure. This data goes through various analytics and forecast technologies before being assimilated into grouped data. Even after that, there is a scope of error. This calls for an existence of a innovation which can combine Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain to create an advance ecosystem for weather data commerce.

WeatherBlock preffers to create an ecosystem through the peer-to-peer network which is decentralised as it uses blockchain. Combined with IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) it will use autonomous communication. This will completely change the face of traditional weather forecasting. With the inflow of data from trained observers and weather stations, a database will be created. This will then be verified by all the users and after a unanimous decision, data will be authenticated.

Soon a token is to be launched, WXB which will be used as a currency for encrypted transactions. This creates an ecosystem based on consumption incentives and rewards. Any data that is current or previously uploaded will be stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This data will be stored, modified and accessed by AWS. While the data will be controlled by the contributor, blockchain will create the user’s encrypted key and digital signature storing it in a node called Nexus. Nexus acts as a gateway to sensors of IoT which provide a combined ecosystem of monetisation and weather data commerce information.

WeatherBlock has also paired up with BloomSky to provide real-time weather forecasting. BloomSky is a system of cameras around weather cameras which provides visual information in real time. With WeatherBlock working on hardware, software and blockchain aspects of the equation, BloomSky will provide technological solutions to weather problems.

Together the objective is to completely remove dysfunctional weather data commerce. BloomSky With its smart camera station will provide visual data and WeatherBlock will see to its transfer and take weather data sharing to a whole new level.

The blockchain is a revolution and in alliance with IoT devices and their technology is being incorporated in different sectors of life of tech-savvy people. BloomSky uses the weather connected devices and WeatherBlock uses blockchain technology to provide monetisation to generate block production rewards and consumption incentives using weather data storage. With all the novel cryptographic schemes it will provide integration of weather data. Welcome to the future of E-commerce that will bring all your cryptocurrency and weather dysfunctionalities to an end. publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology , Cryptocurrencies and upcoming ICO’s.

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