WONO – New Safe And Friendly Blockchain-Based Platform For Rentals And Freelancing

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What is “sharing economy” in a nutshell? It’s an economic model, also known as “peer-to-peer”, based on sharing/providing/receiving goods and services, which are accumulated and controlled via an online platform.

Being widespread and easily implemented online, the idea of a new smarter way of assets using has quickly captured the hearts and minds of people. As a result, everyone today knows the names of the major players in the market.

Thanks to Airbnb you can find a place to stay or earn with the property you own.

Turo and similar services have solved the “transport” problem during vacations or business trips and provided vehicles’ owners with an opportunity to monetize their assets.

Upwork has made it easy to earn with your talents and skills. And, on the other hand, to find a professional, who is ready to cover you up once or even cooperate on a long-term basis.

However, all existing platforms and P2P systems have the same drawbacks, when it comes to convenience: high platform commissions, taxes, lack of transparency, currency exchange loss, a risk of deal cancellation or fraud.

What is more, being controlled by a company, the platform may any day decide to apply additional charges to the assets’ owners. What is more, in any disputable situation, the company is likely to take the side of the customer (tenant).

Considering all points above, most of existing P2P platforms are far from friendly to the assets’ owners. They focus mainly on their customers’ experience and financial goals. This needs to be changed and it will soon be changed by WONO

What is WONO?

A community-driven blockchain P2P-platform with the middleman-free online environment for spending and earning.

Wono strongly believes that a combination of blockchain and a multipurpose peer-to-peer platform is the next step in the evolution of the sharing economy. Share & monetize anything you possess: property, vehicles, time, skills and talents and forget about high commissions, taxes, and monopoly.

Why is WONO platform the next generation of P2P systems?


It’s not about the hype, but about safety. On a decentralized platform all deals between vendors and tenants are automatically regulated by smart contracts, so every user can be confident about getting his/her money or receiving appropriate service.

Community driven

On WONO platform any user can be a vendor (rent out goods), a tenant (rent goods), a customer (buy goods), an arbitrator (take part in disputes), a guarantor (make stakes for successful deal termination) at the same time! Anyone can try on any role and this way contribute to the community’s self-organization.

Global tax-free environment

Since tokens are considered digital assets in most countries, users don’t need to pay taxes for token transactions until they decide to exchange them and withdraw.

That’s why WONO is determined to become a global marketplace for everything you can monetize. Earn and spend conveniently inside a single safe platform and forget about taxes, high commissions, and currency exchange fees.

More details about Wono can be found at the official website.

Media Contact

Name: Kirill Pyrev

Email: kp@wono.io

TG Group Link: https://t.me/wonoworld

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