World’s Longest Running TV Soap Opera Brings Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to 8 Million Viewers

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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The need of the hour for cryptocurrency market today is mass awareness which shall eventually lead to mass adoption and acceptance. As and when cryptocurrency is enveloped by pop culture, the outreach and the curiosity related to the digital assets expand. This time around the world’s longest running TV soap opera, Coronation Street involves crypto reference.

Mentions of Cryptocurrencies in the current pop culture is becoming bigger and better by the day; from Eminem’s latest album to Marvel’s new comic book to TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and HBO’s Silicon Valley. Now with a show that about 8 million viewers per episode, Coronation Street the digital coins will now be exposed to an older audience.

Crypto bulls expect these mentions to build up a huge tide of public interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; as eventually these mentions will make the crowd more comfortable with the idea of virtual money leading to adoption.

The Coronation Street episode

In this particular episode, a semi-regular character since 2006, Ryan Conner has managed to gamble away all his savings in Ibiza. While confronting the daunting truth he remembers investing 50 quid in WhipCoin several years ago. A quick search on the internet tells him that the current value is 250 million quid.

The hitch in the perfect plot is that Conner doesn’t remember his wallet password. Though he recalls writing it down in a book, towards the end he managed without it. A bizarre flash moment reveals the password and he finally manages to log into his account. Only to bring another twist in the tale that the original internet search on the coin is wildly outdated and the current value of his investment in next to nothing.

The episode does bring the volatility of cryptocurrencies in the forefront but the drama is building up in a sensible, not over-the-top manner. To be fair, the prices of cryptocurrency like bitcoin have taken a nose-dived after their rally last year.

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