Automated Crypto Trading Company Zignaly Reveals Its Intent To Offer Copy Trading

Zignaly, a cloud-based automated trading platform, has announced its plans to offer a new set of copy trading features, which will allow crypto traders to perform the same actions that other investors are performing. This will be a valuable addition to Zignaly’s current signal-based trading tools, which allow users to automate their trading activity based on third-party signal providers. Together, these features will allow Zignaly to offer a wide variety of automated trading tools that can rarely be found on mainstream crypto exchanges.

These social features will be fully integrated with Zignaly’s current offerings, which are already being used by countless crypto investors. “We have a great community of expert traders sharing their trades through investment signals, so for us, this is a natural next step,” says their CMO, David Rodríguez. “In fact, this feature is already in beta testing. Usually, crypto trading demands time and knowledge from investors, but our new copy feature will make this easier than ever before. Our goal is to be seen as the eToro of crypto trading.”

Zignaly is introducing a new one-click button, which will allow traders to instantly set up their account. Each signal provider offers different kind of signals, and Zignaly can instantly configure user accounts based on the provider recommended settings. “We already offer one of the simplest crypto trading platforms, but our goal is to make things even easier. With our new one-click button, we can configure your account with the recommended settings and set a kind of “live” status in order to copy the signal provider’s activity to your account.”

Thanks to their growing list of expert traders sending their crypto signals, beginner users are able to automate their trading safely, and more advanced users can access several highly desirable trading features that are not usually found on mainstream crypto exchanges. Zignaly members can employ a trading bot that is capable of understanding DCA rebuy strategies, trailing stop loss, and several other trading-related actions. Additionally, traders can make use of Zignaly’s position-based trading terminal, which offers high-end features that allow users to set their entire trading strategy without any limitations.

Zignaly also takes a fail-safe approach to security and user fund management: Zignaly simply relays commands to a user’s default exchange, which allows that user to keep all of their cryptocurrency on that exchange without any need to transfer funds. Currently, Zignaly can be used with Binance, and the company plans to integrate its services with other major exchanges in the near future. Bittrex, BitMEX, KuCoin, and Poloniex are among the other exchanges that Zignaly plans to add support for, which will allow Zignaly to reach more users than ever before.

About the company: Zignaly is a cloud-based automated crypto trading platform that serves a wide variety of users, who collectively hold more than 1000 BTC. During March 2019, Zignaly closed more than 340,000 positions with a monthly trading volume of $43 million which is growing exponentially.

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