Zilliqa News: Public Mining On Zilliqa Testnet Now Available, Dual Mining Also Possible

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Cryptocurrency News, Mining

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Public Mining Of Zilliqa Coin Now Available On Their Latest Testnet

Zilliqa News: Zilliqa recently announced the launch of their Testnet v3, named as Mao Shan Wang. A fully-fledged public testnet that has the same features as their soon upcoming mainnet and includes public mining. The platform shares that the public mining feature is now live.

Public Testnet Mining

To be able to mine Zilliqa coin,  a miner will need a different set up than that used to mine Bitcoin or Ethereum, due to the platforms specific design involving PoW, sharding and pBFT.

The platform thus opened a public mining feature on their testnest to ensure that miners get accustomed to the Zilliqa mining process., before the launch of their mainnet in January, next year. The announcement by Zilliqa states:

Such testing is also important to help us identify improvements needed for the eventual stability and security of our mainnet. The testnet ZILs produced from mining on our testnet are for testing purposes only, and will not be tradable or usable on our mainnet.

Key Facts About Zilliqa Mining

Miners will only need to run the Proof of Work process for the first 5 minutes of every ~ 1.5 hour cycle, which results in a lower electricity cost. (PoW timing window may change for mainnet)

It is possible to dual-mine Zilliqa and Ethereum, as PoW on Zilliqa is only for 5 minutes of every ~1.5hrs.

The pBFT consensus process of validating transactions is CPU-intense, and cannot currently be accelerated by GPUs. This means that existing ASICs are not suitable for mining Zilliqa.

Miners are rewarded based on their contribution of valid signatures per DS epoch (~1.5hrs), so mining rewards are far more distributed compared to existing winner-takes-all models.

Miners with a higher hashrate may be selected into the DS committee. DS nodes will get to stay in the network without running PoW longer, as only 1 out of 300 DS nodes every DS epoch (~1.5hrs) will be removed from the network and have to re-join with PoW. (This ratio is subject to changes for mainnet)

Requirements For Mining Zilliqa

Following are the recommended specifications to run a node on our public testnet are:

  • x64 Linux operating system such as Ubuntu 16.04.5
  • Intel i5 processor or later
  • 8GB DRR3 RAM or higher
  • (Optional) Any GPU cards with at least 20 Mh/s (e.g 1 x GTX 1060 with 3GB vRAM)
  • NAT environment with UPnP feature supported on your router (Most recent routers should have this feature)

Furthermore,  the announcement outlines that miners can reach the team for mining discussions over their Gitter or Telegram channels. The log files of any issues or error could also be submitted to Google form here: https://goo.gl/forms/y21CZrSwotvyNoKY2.

Rohit Kukreja

Rohit Kukreja is a Commerce graduate with Financial Markets expertise involving Stocks, Forex, Futures & Options Market and now Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency Markets. Blockchain Enthusiast but not a techie, Rohit is an active member of various Blockchain & Crypto communities all over India.

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