HTC Exodus, The Blockchain Powered HTC Smartphone To Launch On October 22

by | Oct 20, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News

HTC Exodus | HTC Smartophone |Blockchain Powered Phone

The blockchain world has been awaiting the launch of HTC’s  blockchain-powered phone dubbed as HTC Exodus. To end their wait the HTC Corporation just announced the release date for the phone as October 22nd. The Taiwanese hardware electronics manufacturer, HTC, took their official Instagram account to announce the launch date of HTC Exodus (post no longer available).

According to TechRadar, the Instagram post was a teaser video that revealed the launch date and name of the phone. Touted as the first-ever blockchain-based smartphone, the HTC Exodus was scheduled to release in Q3 2018. The announced date however is set to release in Q4 2018, in just 2 days’ time.

Amongst its more precious features is the cold storage locker that supports all top digital currencies. Due to this feature, the blockchain-powered smartphone primarily focuses on security, as the user will store cryptocurrency offline. Other specifications of the HTC Exodus are however kept a secret. Notably the phone will run on Android and is set to compete with another blockchain-powered smartphone, Finney phone.

However, the company hasn’t revealed a time for purchase of the HTC Exodus.

Blockchain powered Smartphone

The Telecommunication companies have been on a constant look out for recent technology. To explore newer arena some companies have entered the blockchain space to achieve an edge over their competitors.

Sirin labs, introduced the Finney phone in July of this year, the  first ever blockchain smartphone. The company boasts that the phone will bring blockchain technology close to the masses. One most touted feature is the dual screen. Reportedly, Sirin Labs raised over $157 million during its initial coin offering (ICO).

Later, the company surprised everyone by announcing that they will prefer Ethereum over the IOTA. The CEO states in a statement that Sirin Labs decided to leave IOTA for Ethereum. Furthermore, the company announced that Ethereum network was just a temporary solution.

The Finney phone is proposed to launch in November 2018 and users can pre-order through the company’s official website. Earlier in October, Pundi X made the work’s first ever blockchain phone call at the XBlockchain Summit in Inaya Putri, Bali. The call was made using the company’s new phone called Xphone, which runs on the company’s Function X blockchain.

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