Power Ledger & Clean Energy Blockchain Network Collaborate With Northwestern University

by | May 2, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News

Power Ledger | Clean Energy Blockchain | Northwestern University | Blockchain news

Prominent Australian blockchain company Power Ledger‘s joint initiative with Clean Energy Blockchain Network is materializing with its first commercial deployment in the United States at Northwestern University Evanston campus, Illinois.

The Northwestern university has a longstanding focus on solar energy and established the ANSER Center in 2007, which is a joint research effort between it and the Argonne National Laboratory, funded in part by grants from the US Department of Energy.

(Rooftop solar on Northwestern University’s Ford Building)

This means Northwestern University will now be able to trade its excess solar energy inside its own campus and between multiple sites, using only Power Ledger’s blockchain platform and its pre-existing energy meters.

Power Ledger Managing Director and Co-Founder, David Martin said,

“Moving beyond trials and into commercial deployment of the Power Ledger energy trading platform in a historical trading market like Chicago is a major opportunity. We’re excited to demonstrate how the platform can assist with cutting both costs and carbon with a secure, clean energy source.”

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The set-up will initially run across four buildings chosen by the university’s Master of Engineering Management Program, to be implemented in the coming months. After this, Power Ledger plans to expand the trading system across the rest of the campus, and eventually to other campuses, museums, and laboratories.

Engineering students at the university will monitor and study the energy trading system, and conceive further options for other use cases in the Chicago area.

“We’re looking forward to synergizing participating graduate schools together to create opportunities on the energy smart grid sector using the Power Ledger cryptographic platform,” said Mark Werwath, director of the university’s Master of Engineering Management Program.

Power Ledger raised $34 million in an initial coin offering in October last year, and is widely viewed as one of Australia’s most successful blockchain and cryptocurrency startups.

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