Winklevoss Twins Becomes The World’s First Bitcoin Billionaires

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2017 surely had been an eventful year for Bitcoin which is known to use pretty impressive encryption techniques for verifying fund transfer.  After staying stagnant and unnoticed except by a handful of technical nerds for years, Bitcoin has blasted its way by securing a per token value of a whopping $11395.

Tom Lee, a former JP Morgan equity strategist has claimed that this dream run of Bitcoin will surely continue with this digital currency crossing $25000 within the coming five years. Irrespective of such positivity’s, Bitcoin did also manage to create some haters who have been speaking ill about Bitcoin being a bubble just waiting to burst. They have also been crying foul about the inherent money laundering and fraudulent characteristics of such cryptocurrencies which have been used increasingly by malicious hackers till date.

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However Bitcoin has framed a completely different story for Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who first came under media scanner after suing Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their concept of Facebook. Armie Hammer had played the role of these handsome twins in the Hollywood blockbuster “The Social Network” wherein these hunks were featured doing everything from rowing to coughing up master plans.

They have claimed the position of becoming the world’s first ever Bitcoin billionaires. These twins earned $11 million form a Bitcoin bet entered into four years ago. They are known to have attended Harvard University along with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. The investments made by the twins had ballooned by 10000% in the aftermath of last week’s price swell. The controversial asset of Bitcoin thus registered the first ever billionaire in its history.

Apart from the twins who were wealthy already, Bitcoin has helped countless others pave rags to riches stories. Another 18 year old student known as Erik Finman also boarded the Bitcoin bus right in time to make a massive $1 million corpus. This school dropout had received a cash gift of $1000 from his grandmother which he invested in Bitcoin. He encashed the same after two years in 2015 for setting up Botangle, an online education company. Thereafter he sold this company for another 300 Bitcoin or $100000. At the time of his investment Bitcoin was valued at just $200 per token. publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology , Cryptocurrencies and upcoming ICO’s.

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